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Where can i buy old style Poppers [en]

Online enables clients to buy poppers and what is available at the time. What is know is that the old style poppers encompass a multitude of variety blends and chemical mixtures. Unfortunately as laws change and countries restrict or de restrict rename or re categories products the contents of typical poppers have to change with the new laws pertaining to that country. Old style poppers apparently gave a more long lasting effect and had a stronger punch with a quicker rush and everybody is of course entitled to their own individual opinion.

The manufacturers of poppers have of course in order to stay in business and be competitive re evaluated and readjusted their contents mixtures and endeavor to bring us the best poppers ever at the right price and availability. The last couple of years has seen a marked increase in extra strong and ultra strong poppers and in the UK Rush Ultra Strong is definitely up there with the others. So there is good news and bad news for those seeking the older blends. The bad news is stocks have gone from the shelves due to law changes and the new laws came into effect over two years ago, so you will be hard pushed to find old style stock form any outlet. The good news is the reaction of the manufacturers has created new and exciting brands  including very strong variants. So move on with the times, stay legal and try out some of our newbie products.


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