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Been around for a while Blueboy old and new and some in between. Popular with the younger crowd having a fresher lighter design when compared with harder darker lines Black Rush for example. Now its latest generation includes a step away form the traditional.

Blue Boy Leather Cleaner Dark Room:

Blue Boy

Its a virtually indestructible aluminium contents and a throw back to old school terminology Leather Cleaner. Plus referencing “Dark room” A place that has no or very little light where customers feel their way round through or into every nook and cranny and if you like what you feel… Play.Not forgetting to inhale isopropyl nitrite 🙂 Darkrooms can be found in Gay saunas bars and clubs and also bondage clubs including many a straight venue. If you like it rough and tough get some of these!

Included is one or two ceramic beads designed to keep the contents fresh, so by opening dropping in the balls and keeping your poppers in the fridge enclosed they will last longer keeping that powerful punch.

This is a limited edition if your craving them afterwards either stock up or stick with other non limited versions:

Many a thousand have sold over time its one of our best sellers 2019 and 2020. The name it self came from a magazine in the states, the word blue also having association with pornographic industry and video films

Blue Boy Labeling

Super formulae, close guarded secret. air tight lid, squarer bottle. Available in small medium and now large.

10ml Blue Boy Bottle

Classic lines and curves,like a car. Two colours easily spotted at the convenience store even among the more well known. you know what your buying a thoroughbred established high end quality product and at a super price. No delivery restricted except for those that have laws preventing the use.  Cheapest currently at the time of writting 7.9 euros including VAT and delivery! Cant beat it.