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Super Trays [en]

As buyers we like a bargain! Shop with us and you will find a few, one great way is to buy more than one of a certain poppers, a tray or slab will save you money. in store we stock one of if not the largest and most impressive ranges in house. Its no wonder we have been in business for decades.

A tray of rush can save you more than 30% of singular purchases. Check out and check back in regularly to see what we have. A greater number of folk are savvy shoppers than  before as more of us are online internet ready and want a bargain. Amazon is so powerful, plus building up regular and loyal customers . Soon no one will need cash online being king perhaps no one will need a car to shop with. but of course need a delivery driver!

Tray of Rush

Tray of Push


Tray of Jungle Juice

A sample of some of the more well known room odorisers which can be bought with saving money in mind. More to come and better breakdowns in availability and price.

In shop delivered from mainland Europe all over the world ( So long as your country allows imports we will ship out ) Including U.K.

Alternatives are buying singularly which if you are a regular poppers user just makes no sense.