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Fab brand name that we can rush to your door! Rush poppers have always been a favorite for customers and is for men boys and even some women. To buy online of course makes economical and viable sense. This brand comes from PWD which has seen some upheaval in 2010 as it reportedly went out of business with rumors that the founder had committed suicide!  What we do know is the Rush poppers today have had to evolve with changing laws on the mixes contained within the poppers bottles. The history of the poppers mixes still revolves around the Nitrite family of chemicals and will continue to evolve.

Rush Poppers

Video head cleaners and room odorisers  are now what poppers call themselves and if you buy poppers online or not the use remains the same but the product names give a separate impression having to work around the laws by calling your popper brand names video head cleaner for example.

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