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Xtreme [en]

Brilliant starter Xtreme sensitive ultra powerful aroma , not for beginners unless you fall into the adventure bracket.

Great news for those seeking high strength knockout punch aromas selling at a below market value price, why well its a new boy, so try and buy before the price goes up, that said any increases will be slight but reviews and feed back is positive for this baby. Normally associated with high flying sports Extreme has been shortened and marketed with a big X to stand out. Not scuba diving nor bungee jumping , jumping off cliffs or out of planes. Vertical skiing nor underground caving or mountain biking under and on land, some of the extremes. This is a great some would say designer but a memory you wont forget once inhaled . Of course opening and allowing breathing there of. Not to be stored for long as like its cousins will loose its umph  even stored in a fridge nothing lasts forever.

Amyl Nitrate or nitrite can create dizziness the effects are quick and designed to relax especially for guys into anal sex euphoria does not last the effects being short lived of maybe a few seconds up to a few minutes. Intense quick fire  there is no safe way but best avoid increased risks so dont for example mix with erectile products. Warm sensations and more pleasure when involved anal sex leading to a higher orgasm.

Its Extreme