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Throb [en]

Now there is a title! Throb Poppers. Throbbing cock or pulsating heart , well known that blood pressure increases and veins arteries become more pumped. Dont mix Viagra or any erectile dysfunctional products as you could keel over. This one says many things about sex play bad boy image.

Great scent and really quick fast acting straight to your dick loosening up those muscles at the same time so don’t say you have not been warned. Uptake is high with some reports of headaches probably because your so excited that levels of self control are and or maybe lost due to the potency.

If you go for some strong exercise then you could end up throbbing in the legs or arms or the day after having to lay in bed recovery mode. Beats with extreme force even palpitations. Can be irregular or regular but always with suffering and possible hurt and pain. Can even be a vibration but in our world its pleasure before pain possibly but a deliberate act for sure! Think this new one will be stocked regularly and likewise confident that the supplies will dwindle and be replenished time and time again. Euphoric love throbbing of the heart in another context  even a feeling of falling in love. we think more making love.

Hard Throb

This is also one of the Xtra strong variants, an exclusive club of super strength easily indented warning on the labeling a massive big red X. Be warned!