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Liquid Burning Poppers [en]

New year new products and this poppers available from our store is a new and different creation. It has a larger bottle top enabling more aroma to be emitted at any one time. A 20 mm top to be exact. Called Liquid Burning its a brand new popper and its intense due to a higher than normal contents purity and new legal mixture mix. The price is competitive at under 100 Euros for ten 250 ml liquid contents  that’s 25ml each of course and individually they are priced at 10.90 Euros including VAT and shipping in and to some countries.

Of course when a new product hits our poppers shop shelves the associates are quick to jump on the bandwagon and we have now some mix and match deals incorporating the new liquid burning poppers. You can get for example a mix of some market leaders and a bottle of liquid gold for under 33 Euros. This poppers pack includes Jungle Juice Platinum , Amsterdam , Man Scent and a 25ml Liquid Burning again including VAT and shipment included to some countries.


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