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What Are Poppers [en]

So what are poppers? Poppers are in a liquid form, normally found in a brown bottle and containing millilitres of a liquid substance, inhaled via the nose directly or allowed to evaporate in the room …hence “Room odorisers” are another name for poppers. The effects can be dramatic, with worst case leading to heart palpitations and possibly a heart attack! The poppers when inhaled raise the pressure of the blood and therefore increase heart rates. Poppers if drunk can be fatal so be warned! Popular since the seventies with modern day generations but more raw when we know that Romas for example used them on a regular basis.

So what to do if you use poppers improperly: This is open to interpretation of course and in the worst case scenarios seek medical advice, but sensible precations are to inhale initially with caution.

What are the effects? Effects range from reports of irrectile disfunction to the opposite but what is known is the anus muscles relax as do other muscles but a word of warning “Don’t use and therfore mix with Viagra”. The procucts are counter productory