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Solid Poppers [en]

New year new ideas and new poppers, solid poppers! Wax based with the aroma suspended all contained in a handy aluminium easy transport tin. As long as you don’t leave them out in more than 8 Deg C your good to go and have some fun. Gently rub and see how this alternative popper gives you the same if not better rush than bottled poppers.

Some great names including rush poppers have joined the solid party, we of course at the shop have deals that allow customers to try whilst buying the general types. Mixing solid poppers up with sex toys dvd’s books underwear and traditional aromas.

Ultra strong variants like jungle juice and even cannabis solid poppers. A  great new additional evolutionary solid aroma mimicking the essences.

Sole suppliers to date including the great well known names rush jungle juice and Amsterdam poppers to name a few. Great for storage and no wastage like the alternatives. At the outlets our premium suppliers stock the shelves high we believe that the solid popper is a sure fast winner, just need to spread the word and allow the end users to fully appreciate this fantastic and vary handy new age aroma.

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