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Bottom [en]

Great title! Especially in gay world where we have tops, bottoms and versatile. Of course our business is not just aimed at men only, believing all folk may want to try or buy our products. At the time of writing 2021 we are selling a throat spray which is flying off the shelves, so help prevent the gag reflex and train your throat. Covid 19 has of course affected our shopping habits , add to that the alternate currencies and methods of payments  and its easy to see why any business not online will in time fall by the wayside. Bottoms are mostly the guys that use our products, relaxing the muscles that other parts can not reach 🙂

Wont go into the science rather see from the internet and knowledge via user partakers. Not legally allowed to sniff direct from the bottle as one should open the container ( Metal or Glass ) and allow to breathe naturally. Back in the real world can see seasoned professionals and new comers choose their poison starting after being offered usually from a dominant top say in a club or men only saunas.  Blue boy is a favorite with initial triers to name but one with Liquid Gold a sure fast leader and a most definite favorite defying the lengths of time.

More sex yes please just don’t forget to prepare, pre-planning prevents poor performances. Sprays, lubricants, condoms a few other items available in our online shop.

Throat spray do not leave home with out it.

Now a related but other toy 🙂

Fun for single and more use!

Have fun.