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Now we don’t often boast here at the Poppers Shop . But we now have  a super powered brand new style larger than life popper in store called “Amsterdam Duo”. This is twice the effect in double time, stored in an aluminium tinware preferably refrigerated we can now claim maybe the coolest newest boy to the party, or perhaps man and or woman 🙂

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This puppy is super large in size, contents when chilled last longer. Sounds like a cooking demo but fact is storage in a fridge makes it go longer and last even more stronger.

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Shake not stirred said James Bond we say shake and then some. Stir it up by excitement! Its a revolution so say the sales people we just think its a great idea and one that will be copied for sure. This leather cleaner is made even more popular as is based on an old school brand Amsterdam, where violets are blue and all the tulips live to plus some legal highs available at most coffee shops and street outlets. the ceramic pellets adhere to the ingest of water sticking like glue. Great new product available now in our online shop