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poppers or aromas

Whats the difference between aromas and poppers , well in this shop , none! Its all in the terminology. Its old school slang aromas being the older term, now a days aromas are more associated with the smells and “flavors”. Other well such know terms include leather and video head cleaners de odorisers which is a bit ironic. Where did it all start some would say the seventies historians would point out that Egyptians and Romans used poppers in a more probably potent forms and not so chemically interfered with.

Folk hark back to older times and we are asked “where can you buy old style poppers”. This is more complicated by legal issues defined further by where you are living and want your poppers delivered to in the world.  Of course some buyers try to make their own at home.

Floating your boat either way comes at a cost but we at the poppers shop  are 100% confident that we have the best and most varied stock on our shelves, consonantly changing evolving with the market trends and demands. Rush poppers are still out there at number one we believe this iconic brand will lead the lack with many more years to come even with some tweaking of the blends and brand labeling of designs. The popular ones lately are the super strength and power poppers triple X with pellet aromas. Designed to live and last longer,  we have loads to choose from, plus live a little more by trying out the new names  priced to tempt and lure, that said its no secret that a lower price will attract more business but naturally less profit for the manufactures. We believe at the shop that by combination buying of say rush with a new XXX pellet style and then perhaps getting some more discounts via vouchers and more promotional super deals that customer scan truly have a poppers experience and have the best of both worlds.

In summary aromas sold here in UK  are marketed for the English speaking folk here in Blighty evolving along side laws keeping us all safe.