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Propyl Leather Cleaner [en]

Another addition to the shop is a hark back to the old school poppers by being called “Leather cleaner”. Stand out yellow labeling and bold black wording, it pays to be different and not such a bad thing to go back in time.

Allot has been said of the leather crowd and its association with gear,otters and of course bears. Likewise mix in the bondage crew with all its bolt on’s then we have a potent mix of old and new. Tight pants black of course , chains hair do’s list is endless plus the which wrist is the leather band on. IE signs and signals. The strong poppers are aimed directly. Having an immediate sting, toys for big and small boys! Fisting very powerful new to the market for 2020 but a real days gone by from the second world war and more recently the 1970’s. in fact say in Germany before then it was illegal for men to have sex with other men. Hard to believe, our sold in 24ml contents thereof press and twist standard lid, seal-able plastic / rubber top ends.

So no need to find anything more horny than these “Must have” additions to the fridge freezer.

Old School Poppers