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Why shop at your local high street to buy poppers. Its easier and more convenient these days to get online, avoid the hassle and just await your poppers to arrive safely securely and on time at your front door! We ship with discretion and normally orders processed enable you to buy and receive in two working days inside the mainland  ( U.K ) To ship outside of U.K to Europe takes longer and to get over the pond takes a bit longer still, we do however enable you to buy your poppers and pay in any major currency and via many alternate established payment methods. Our online shopping system has high encryption levels thus enabling you to buy with complete confidence and customer security.

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Whilst  online, as the internet is relatively new, we all know that its a new way to go, that is to buy on the web. We understand the security implications and our cart experience enables you to navigate with total security and via the normal major payment methods known to internet shoppers. The greatest benefit is of course is the savings to be made money wise by cutting down the overheads and therefore cutting down the buying costs. All our poppers include VAT and Shipping inside the United Kingdom but shipment outside of U.K will encore additional charges, that said these charges are minimal when compared to the savings to be had! Its quiet common when buying more than one bottle of poppers to save an average of 20 % when compared to the high street. So get going and keep your money in your pocket.