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Liquid Gold [en]

Here at Poppershopper we have for sale the olde fave Liquid Gold. This is probably the market leader in the United States and is definitely up there on the European mainland. Customers can order through our secure online shopping cart via our Skyline encrypted buying order system. Its a well known aroma and has been round the block and re vamped designed a few times. Distinctive gold and black labeling and some manufactured in U.K pure strong and ultra are some of the sidelines.  The latest addition is an ultra strong “black” line. Not often sold below market value but worth checking frequently to see if any golden brands have been combined with any new comers manufactured by the same companies for promotional purposes.

Pure Gold

Take me to the MAX!

Liquid Gold Room Odoriser

Reports back say a pleasant aroma but also a potent one! Fantasies and sexual encounters reports online refer to liquid gold as the number one addition required for those saucy moments.

Been around since the 1970s and formed part of the gay scene back in the day but still very much at the forefront in today’s gay and alternative lifestyles. Sold as an angina med originally. Definitely not a psychoactive drug, far from it relaxing the parts others can not reach. Most definitely not addictive! Merely vasodilators. No burnt noses nor headaches, nor even though they are cheap a fair priced “That it says on the tin” type.