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Buzz Poppers [en]

Looks like a bee probably stings like one to namely Buzz. Powerful, effective and knockout, this one leaves and has a sting in the tail and hopefully an experience you wont forget.  Not wasp definitely bee like as in our opinion bees are more needy than wasps. pollinating and a sign of spring and ultimately honey beer wax so much more. Getting a bit off track now so back to the human liquid. We dispatch 24/7 same time , quickly , its a bargain basement cheap cheerful and you get what you pay for and more. Fresh smell some would say sweet, a hardcore every day use and you will definitely get a buzz when using.

Sits along side others like Ram and Bollocks but unmistakably identifiable, normally in a ten millimetre ampule. Odored pure pleasure. Customer satisfaction.

Buzz Poppers