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Buying Poppers:

Most shop online these days and we of course sell and believe we have one of the of not the largest selection of poppers available on the market. Users try a number of alternatives and sometimes find a name that fits and either buy more of the same. Recognizing this fact we aim to please the market and allow you to buy with confidence and at the right price an availability.We at the shop always have bargain basement offers combined with bulk purchase incentives. There is not normally a month that goes by without some sort of special offer(s). We sell online and cut out the middle people giving customers the benefits, passing on savings direct of course we do not sell at a loss but are here for the “long haul”. We have been around for more than a decade now.

So how do you know which poppers to buy? The answer is probably trial and error and to coin a phrase”What floats your boat”. Some try other peoples and like or dislike, some go for a mixed bag and just happen to fall upon a favorite. Some of course are driven by savings and prices. Certain hits and flavors dictate others buying directions and of course branding has an all out effect. We urge customers to try the new ones with a combination of the old ones, variety is the spice of life. Rush poppers an all time fave around since the seventies and still here today is more than likely to remain our best seller for years to come. There are now specialty ranges in our shop. Larger sizes in liquid, flashy labels and extra strength variants for example. Add to the mix our excellent and powerful cheap ranges of combination buys then we have a great mix for everyone.

Some do’s and don’t of course, don’t over do it and read the labeling, avoid hazards as all should be treated as flammable liquids.Allow the liquid to breath in an open place so say the recommendations. Those with pre existing health issues be warned especially if you have blood pressure issues and / or heart conditions as poppers reduce the pressure and if you are already using to do just that then danger approaches. So do not do it, do not mix drugs!
We deliver and ship out every 24 hours in white or brown sealed indistinguishable packaging. Depend son quantities and packaging materials available, most leave our store from mainland Europe some ship out from U.K

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