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Rush is the number one best seller of all time! These poppers in all forms will continue to be a shop front favorite we are continually replacing upgrading and adding to this very special aroma company supplier.  Having dealt with the ever-changing chemical laws mixes and requirements demanded by customers and law regulations there is nothing to stop the PWD brand evolving and meeting your requirements not only daily but year in year out demand.

Super variants like Black super rush black label combined with more extra strength for the UK market make carrying the captain rush logo in addition to the ever present “never fake it” emblematic statement never to be faked. Of course, we ship from mainland Europe and are governed by legal issues in terms of supplying aromas, we are aware of the fakers and replica products from outside the European Union maybe even cheaper but not the real rush popper. The old age adage “You get what you pay for “Could never be so true.

Rush zero Poppers is the newest addition to the block Pellet ball style for a longer shelf life, even longer if stored correctly (In the fridge).  Great reviews and feedback generally are fabulous

Solid rush poppers are another fantastic addition, a welcome one being such a novel idea. Carry wax based aluminum style cans around with you out an into the bedroom outdoor use. Solid Poppers are ideal for those on the go and a brilliant way to allow guys and girls to carry safely as opposed to the bottles around with them, so long as you stay out of the oven and in normal temperature ranges, don’t walk around in temperatures that could fry an egg then these are a sure fast and as yet non-established poppers type.

Did you know they also do condoms and are available to buy. Again a instantly recognizable brand name in a sleek package, electronically tested and pre lubed natural feel and look latex based. Don’t leave the store or your home with it!

Las but not least the new boy on the block Radikal , an alternative thinking perhaps forward thinking popper. It’s a true favorite and the figures are staggering for this new poppers range Strong larger opening bottle head and a squatter bottle which hides a pellet activated by shaking. Of course the more you shake the more of the aroma is developed and therefore released.

rush poppers

Radikalpoppers are one of our best sellers.