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Fist Poppers [en]

There a great image for poppers fans and that is fist. Strong strength and power are all depicted in this brand name. Clenched fists are easily identifiable and accompanied by the striking colours give us an all round well known and distinctive bottled form. Typical brown all round with some variations on the fist theme. Super strength and ultra large plus a deep smaller brother of 10mls. Of course we have deals on the more you acquire the more the price reduces. Five “normal” sizes for under 36 Euros.

The deep small formulae pockets a powerful punch great for any fisting occasion!

Small Fist Poppers

The fist larger cousin aroma is exactly the same as its smaller brother the only difference being the amount of aromas in the bottle.

Large Fists

The Ultra strong fist poppers are just that extreme power! The bottle opens in a special way and fun can be had in an extra special way. These poppers are necessary for fisting so why not combine them with the new fist power powder for lubrication. Powdered form mixed and made ready by the addition of water.

Manufactured in the UK safe for condom usage coming in 100 gms containers , just mix a couple of teaspoons and allow five minutes to set and your off!

Mix up the lube!

Then of course is the oldest variant with the image of a clenched fist emblazoned across the bottle, a couple of alternatives are out there but easily identifiable in among its competition.

Simple Fist Poppers