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St Valentines Day [en]

St Valentine Patron Saint of marriage love weddings and believe it or not beekeepers! February the 14th is a special day and one that is prominent in may Christian calendars Roman Catholic and Anglican. Why not buy some poppers to seal the deal and accompany the traditional gifts such as love of course chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. We have the latest liquid burning poppers which is the new and latest craze and moving off our shelves at lightning speed. The Romans around in St Valentines day did actually use poppers all be it in a more  crude form and would have given the users a head ache for sure!

Patron Saint Valentine

St Valentine was actually stoned and beaten and beheaded. He attempted to convert the emperor of Rome namely Claudius the second. A criminal event at the time. Known at the time for sympathising with the Christians and conducting marriages and assisting them in their religious plights. Relics are now at the Church of St Praxedes.

Most celebrate traditionally with a meal gifts and acts of love on Feb. 14th but in the Eastern Orthodox religion they celebrate on July 6th. So why not think of getting that something extra special for your loved on on the day and perhaps even get a popper pack incorporating not only liquid burning but perhaps liquid gold rush and jungle juice platinum for starters. Don’t forget the lube and of course we have it a plenty butter boy elbow grease and Swiss navy and the ever popular Fusion. Have fun and don’t forget the poppers.


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