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Good colour Red and Manchester United F/C as opposed to the blues from the city. That said we at the shop are not selling football tickets. This aroma is sweet smelling effective made to last and shows all signs of being with us for a long time It lasts along time and will be with us for?

This one has a pellet for agitation designed to mix it all up so you get the best hit, its a little red devil! Why not share your ideas and thoughts via the share buttons or giving some five out of five stars review This baby is cheap cheerful and with its super shaker will if stored correctly last longer than those with out, so say the scientists. There are also some alternatives like Super Strong, Larger bottles and  of course the solid ball like a spray paint can bead version.. All though have trade marked labeling. Amyl Nitrate being the key ingredient , some will give you a head ache and some reports of a yellow dot in vision but there are always stories and news of opposite sides of the fence, just like a coin there are two sides plus an edge.

Reds Poppers

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