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When buying poppers and in this day and age we must make sure we all adhere to safe sex practices and the utmost prevention of STD’s sexually transmitted diseases. The essential and minimum would be to wear a condom. Prevention of the crossing of bodily fluids into an open “wound”. The number one way to infect and transmit the HIV aids virus. We at Popper shopper have a new product on the shop shelves labelled “My Size” condoms, not meaning you can tailor make a size of condom to fit you but what we have is many sizes off the store room shelf that accommodate all sizes. Each and every one of us has a personal responsibility to him or her and those we “jump” into bed with.

Many Sized Condoms

Many Sized Condoms

The size of condoms depends on the circumference of the penis. Research has shown that the width is the most important feel and the length is likewise important but not as important as the comfort and width The My Size condom range has sizes starting from 47mm to 69 mm and lengths from 9.5 cms to 15 cms. So we hope this range will have a condom that has the perfect fit for anyone and everyone.

Dont forget the lube!

Dont forget me

Dont forget me

Made from natural rubber latex and being transparent and coming in boxes of 10. Competitively priced at fewer than 10 Euros including VAT. Check out the individual Condom Guide for your correct size. Our measurement table attached shows how to decide on which one will have that perfect snug fit and not have an uncomfortable feel of and why not at the same time get some of your favourite brands of poppers like Rush poppers or blue boy liquid gold.


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Not sold for Human oral consumption.Do not swallow. Use in accordance with individual manufacturers bottle label instructions. We also have Aromas.Some  contain flamable liquids. Aromas and Video Head Cleaner are other names. Webmasters may link. Buy direct from Germany.