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Christmas Poppers Stocking Fillers [en]

We at the popper shop don’t only do aroma, we sell associated products again off the stock online shelf saving you hassle and expense at the festive Christmas time of the year. Why not welcome in the New Year sporting some Andrew Christian briefs! Priced competitively and shipped out in twenty four hours. Most of our online range is under 30 Euros.
Combined with poppers packs with all time fave brands such as Rush and Blue boy , liquid gold and the new extra strong variants with increased liquid volumes. Its the most cost effective way to shop by acquiring more products mixing them up a bit and super saving loads as opposed to buying individual items. Which would cost a small fortune if bought separately.

Want some old style throw back Poppers with a pellet?

Bring back the Bad Boy Rush

Bring back the Bad Boy Rush

Then check out the old Brown style leather head cleaner form the 1970’s making a comeback, probably short term but could be here to stay. Let’s see how the reaction goes from the customers points of view. We think that this bad boy aroma will trigger some memories and will most likely be added to the boyfriends Christmas stocking for those of a certain age or those wanting to see what all the fuss was about when poppers were at their heyday back in the day so to speak.

Black Rush Poppers

Black Rush Poppers

Likewise coming direct form Push manufactures is this newbie promo product The black bottle Super Rush 10 ml mew formulae. It packs a power punch and a quick kick just as you need it! This super small super powerful brand new rush popper is going to be here for a long time aligning itself with the most popular and famous brand name of all and the one that sells the most. Others have come and gone , new age designer “fad” brands but none have the staying power of the power poppers that we call rush.


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Not sold for Human oral consumption.Do not swallow. Use in accordance with individual manufacturers bottle label instructions. We also have Aromas.Some  contain flamable liquids. Aromas and Video Head Cleaner are other names. Webmasters may link. Buy direct from Germany.