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Leather Cleaner [en]

Back in the day and not as far back as the Roman times but more recently in the 1970’s Poppers came to the fore as a recreational substance used primarily in the gay community. Plenty of reading material online for the seventies but now we have re introduced a classic line. An old style brown bottle with power pellet. Old fashioned labelling gives this new aroma a new lease of life form a blast form the past. Priced to sell we think it will find its place in the market and appeal to those of an older generation.
The names like leather cleaner and video head cleaner depict what the contents can do to leather and video heads but this was an attempt to circumnavigate laws as calling them poppers to be sniffed would have been against certain country laws.
The new Brown bottle poppers can be bought for 8.90 Euros, a 30 mil bottle and of course having the longer lasting power pellet inside for a longer shelf life (Extended further by storing in the fridge).

Old style Poppers

Old style Poppers

Its a classic formulae and has a dual appeal for an inquisitive youth and an older past generation. As a special, it a special online price and combined with your normal aromas favourite brand names this new product from PWD will get your senses racing and provide you with an unforgettable poppers pop 


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