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We at the Poppers shop pride ourselves on diversity and range of aromas we have for sale online, we likewise assist other retail outlets and stores to develop and  is a like super store for bulk buying. Legendary Rush poppers on special trays of liquid gold for example plus variants of jungle juice, strong, extra strong and larger than life bottles. Solid poppers Liquid incense and so much more directly available to you our customers from the outlet.

Promotional specials are always available with our mix and match combination poppers deals. Something for everyone we say and that’s we think guaranteed. Rush poppers for sale black label anniversary and all marked up by the distinctive yellow Captain.

Just like a sweet shop you can browse our poppers and order at leisure all form your PC desk top! If its silky smooth ultra strength or longevity in storage we have them all!  The warehouse stocks a fantastic range online not only poppers but relational items as well like some bondage toys, dvd’s underwear and even but plugs. Not to forget the all new age talk about product; “solid poppers”.

Books, delay spray and swimwear like accompany poppers from the shop shelves. Re seller information, discretion and shipping details. No frills and hopefully no spills! Lubricants, condoms and stimulation items, We still see a market for the local shops but the future is definitely the internet.  You just get products cheaper sand with our returns policy shopping online is the smart way to go.

A great way to go is the buy some get some free for example we now have a buy three smaller poppers and pay for two. Mix it up with Rush push reds super rush, jungle juice, rave, orgasmus and fist all 9 ml bottles and a sure bargain way to shop.

9ml Poppers

9ml Poppers

Smaller bottles of poppers

Smaller bottles of poppers

Other lifestyle products like pubic hair trim sets and depilatory cream, Eros body shave for men. Wipes and penis refresher spray. If anything be sure to check out the reductions as monthly there are up to 70% discounts!


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