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Christmas is here once again and we at Popper shopper of course have a special sale on, we always do! Discounted aromas and even gay underwear on sale at super low prices. Check out the store and rush your order direct in a plain package to avoid prying eyes. Brown or white boxes or packages shipped to your door with no outer markings to avoid prying Eyes, get your Christmas surprises early.

How about classic cruising poppers shop packs including olde style faves such as Amsterdam and jungle juice and Iron horse ? Very competitively priced to compete and they are flying off our store room warehouse floors due to there being extra sized bottles!

Small x-mas Poppers with Gratis!

So if you writes a shop review you can get a 5 euro voucher , save money and spend more whilst saving! Bargains all round. This time of year its worth shopping around but we at poppershopper have everything under one roof including this year some great underwear from Andrew Christian. Read all about here

But see the discounts we are offering when bought with some of our fab combo deals!Jocks briefs and some naughty pieces on show leaving not allot to the imagination 🙂

So don’t stop now our offers are valid until the 21st December 2016 and of course we always have offers due to online marketing and the ability to bulk buy and sell at super discounted prices…Old school super market shopping is so old hat!


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