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Pig Hardcore Sweat Poppers

Shop online for your poppers Pig Hardcore Poppers these can be associated by branding with the pig leather culture but the essence inside is the same. The labeling is distinctive a bright yellow and a black overlay or background with the picture of a pigs face to the front. Square or rounded brown bottles are available to buy in a few sizes.  An offshoot of the main product is pig sweat poppers and Pig juice. Very strong aroma and for the hardcore gay scene. From U.K!

If your coming from the fetish bdsm community then customers will appreciate this aroma more lets call it a lifestyle product. The blend has a long life hit and this poppers contents are popular for the scene.

Pig sweat poppers have a special rush, leads to a sexual high and hopefully some unforgettable moments of pleasure. As usual we don’t advise inhaling poppers directly form the bottle but promote the aroma release via opening the bottle in a room hence room aroma and allowing the liquid to escape and “perfume” the room. Remember Poppers are flammable! The blood pressure will drop and faces will flush designed to relax the muscles. Nitric oxides one can say enhance libido and give men a longer erection time. Poppers shop predicts this exciting hardcore brand will hit our top ten best sellers this year 2017.

Pig Sweat Hardcore Poppers



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