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In the bedroom department, it can be daunting for some to shop in the local high street not only does it cost more but for some it can be traumatic and embarrassing. Popper shopper allows you to buy online with confidence and acquire all those products, delivered in “brown paper” type packaging. Not surprising of one is ordering a penis plug or an anal douche kit.

As an example, this penis plug from push is competitively priced at under 13 euros:

Water Penis Plug

It is 5cms long and is made of high quality stainless steel. Allows piss play acting like a watering can.

Anal douche systems are likewise better off being ordered via an online shop  than by walking into your local high street corner sex store. Yes in UK we can order poppers at any time and for those caught out the street vendor is available at last minute but at a price. We have over 40 douches prices at various levels according to quality design functionality and brand names. Most are designed for ease of use cleanliness of course and are silicone based. Smooth easy flow nozzles and with various liquid capacities.

Anal Douche

Our primary business is poppers and here is a new one that is super extreme and power packed, even resembling a certain battery. Power Pelleted larger in life longer sex sessions are now “on the cards” so far no complaints for this new poppers pack.

extreme poppers

Priced at under 15 euros its larger capacity and pellet make for it to be a volatile and yet long lasting efficient bedroom accessory.


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