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New Shop Website [en]

Yes we have a new shop online website and new poppers for sale also. Super strong and solid poppers plus all the all time faves so check out and comment feed back ask away criticize or even praise , all welcome. Mobile friendly now and tablet too. Bookmark us now for a new sales bonanza coming soon with spring discounts and summer new aromas coming on line as well.

We aim to please our customers having the best selection and mix up of various poppers to choose from plus the associated lifestyle products usually found along side the high street store shelves . We make life easier and more friendly on your wallet 🙂 Believing we have the greatest largest selection of aromas to be found anywhere on the web.

After the winter bonanza of 30% discounts we are preparing the spring offensive featuring prominently the solid poppers range wax held suspension aromas with several leading advantages. Ease of use, storage and life extended properties when compared to traditional aromas. We aim to please and will be mixing it up a bit with the old faves combos with new found lines held on the shop shelving. Of course customers having found this blog will have found the new website and trust in the fact we have been around for over a decade now proving a first class service second to none secure safe sure fast deliveries in plain packaging. So why not try out a new promotion deal today and buy some extra poppers for the weekend


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