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Black poppers

During the year our shop has more offers special runs combination deals than any other online supermarket store. Products include aromas poppers of course plus a wealth of associated ad like items straight off the shelf , delivered pain free normally within 24 hrs in a safe secure discreet non suspicious package way. 2017 promises to be a new great year with more discounts than ever! Why not check out at the till online with one of our multipliers. IE: the more you buy the more the average price is lowered. We have loads of buy three get one free type popper deals, all the known labels plus some lesser known ones to tantalize and temp your pallet.

Valid till 8th March currently we are offering a black weekend Amsterdam Rush Extreme Power Super Rush Man scent and Jungle Juice Black power are now 30% discounted! Less than 6 Euros each.

Our Sex toys lines have during the winter 2017 a full 150 products below the normal sales pitch price. A good range of cock rings anal beads and lubes plus condoms too. All down for this seasons sale. Rush Herbal arouses taken orally is a new one to our storeroom stock shelves. Shaken harshly to awaken the contents, designed to increase the blood flow, and relax the muscles. 3 ml max to be taken daily form a 15 ml container. 100% natural product induced via spraying under the tongue. We don’t know of any other poppers that can be taken orally so our advice is don’t do it!

American Dream Poppers

Why not try something new like High Rise poppers popular over the pond with our American cousins. Designer style bottle branded and reports back say a very long shelf life so may last even longer when stored in the fridge. Bigger poppers and 30mls so definitely above the normal average contents.

Rush Herbal Poppers


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