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Butt Plug [en]

Did you know as we sell adult products that we sell butt plugs too! We have a small range for the larger and smaller butts so to speak. At present we have some quality plugs available from Rosebud and they are smooth and therefore silky stainless steel. Small medium and large plugs and all available under 50 Euros which considering the pleasure and long life span as we see these as one off buy type products will last a lifetime. Each of the plugs comes in a presentation box which enhances the quality all round and allows for safe keeping. We all need to know where our butt plugs are. We think everyone will have plenty of fun putting these plugs in and as they weigh more than the average butt plug they will have a more prominent feel guaranteed! On fabulous design feature is the glass cut gem stone cut and implanted into the butt plugs base and this feature will definitely make the wearer stand out and declare “ Look at Me”! of course combining the plugs with your favourite poppers brands will not only get you more relaxed but will make for a much better or some would say alternative experience. To take the large plug as an example for statistics the weight is 447grams and shaft length is 2 cms with an additional 6.5 cms for the plug Total length is 10 cms. The diameter for the large version is 3.6 cms and likewise the shaft is 12 mm.  All plugs stand out from the crowd as they are aesthetically pleasing and come in a fabulous designer metallic blue.

Price for the large plug is 47 Euros including VAT but shipping is extra. So why not spend that little bit extra and not only acquire your poppers at super discounted prices but pleasure yourself or some one else with a top of the range excellent gift wrapped butt plug.


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