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When buying poppers online there are some who prefer UK poppers to “foreign” poppers. Its a customer thing, some say the mix and recipes are stronger depending on what side of the pond you are enquiring from. It used to be that the UK English style poppers were rumoured to be longer lasting and had more strength and longevity but that was when laws were different, the 1970’s saw a great increase in the popularity of poppers even though they have been around for hundreds of years and can even be found to be used by ancient Greeks and Romans but more than likely in a cruder way.

UK English poppers include favourites such as Liquid gold and we have brands known as English for the English of course and anyone else come to that!

We try to aquire all the latest fads and fashions and of course at the best prices and discounts ( Especially when bulk buying ) The mixes and blends of room odorises / aromas change like the wind and all have to fall within the parameters of the various country laws and possible in the USA state laws, laws on the use distribution, sales and legal ages. Some countries class them as unsuitable for minors and some ban them for sale on the high street and to adults so the answer to get what you want is to shop online safe and with discretion guaranteed!


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