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Stimulants [en]

Stimulants for a great part of every ones lives these days, time is of a premium and there never seems to be enough time in the day! Energy drinks for example are all the rage, drinks such as red bull or lucozade all designed to give you that extra zing. Stimulants can be either classed as legal or illegal, so check your country specific laws! Two types of stimulation can occur namely mental/ physical or a combo of the two. Due to the nature of the products they can be either prescribed or not ( illegal ) We at the poppers shop supply stimulants:

Super caps:

Increase muscle strengths and stimulate circulation of the blood, this one contains one hundred capsules and comes in at under 24 Euros.

Yellow Cabs:

Get to your destination with a yellow cab and is classed as a “pick me up”. Have fun!

14.99 Euros

Super Via Cap Capsules:

Priced at 14.99 Euros for sexual well being and a great stimulant for men Eight individual lumps So if your sex life is waning get with the program and buy these great sex stimulants

Caffeine , nicotine are likewise stimulants designed to increase awareness or motivation or in our case arousal. However care should be taken as generally speaking blood pressure and heart rates increase and those people with bad hearts should obviously not increase the risks , so be sensible and as a general rule only stimulate if you are of a healthy disposition.


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