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Room odouriser

Want an alternative name to poppers then room odorises is it other terms include video head cleaner and aromas. What do you do with a room odouriser well open the bottle or bottles of course and allow to breathe naturally hence allowing the vapours to odorise and create the sweet smell of your favourite poppers brand. The side effects could include dizziness and an increased rate of the heart and some have reported head aches. Over time the various flavours and mixes of chemicals have changed to cater for changing laws and customer driven requirements of course, there will always be clients who want the older brand named and therefore flavoured / scented poppers and so as a rule of thumb if you find the right popper for you buy it!

What we have found over time is the best sellers room odourisers aromas sell and are kept and the non sellers do not stay on the shelves or get re stocked for long. The best way to plan ahead of course is to buy more than one bottle and perhaps even try out some other manufactures delights in the process hence we promote mixes of old established names in combination with some unknown brands , this allows you to get discounted fave brands and try out others at cheaper prices.

Room odours can be created via many means and the nasal passages pick up the nasty scents immediately so therefore the way to “take” poppers is via smell and no way via drinking! If drunk medical assistance should be sought immediately and vomiting should be encouraged.

Liquid gold room odoriser or Rush are well known but product such as Reds or Blue boy are not so well circulating but have a wide customer client base who shop online and buy poppers on a regular basis so look out at our specials for your room odouriser


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