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Who uses Poppers? [en]

Gay guys and Lesbian girls, even the ancients used poppers! Romans probably had the strongest most potent and even though governed by laws allowed themselves simple pleasures in life and indulged freely in open sex  with out prohibitions and unrestricted by today’s modern standards of current day living. We are governed by society standards and…

Liquid Burning Poppers [en]

New year new products and this poppers available from our store is a new and different creation. It has a larger bottle top enabling more aroma to be emitted at any one time. A 20 mm top to be exact. Called Liquid Burning its a brand new popper and its intense due to a higher…

Room Odourisers [en]

Room odouriser Want an alternative name to poppers then room odorises is it other terms include video head cleaner and aromas. What do you do with a room odouriser well open the bottle or bottles of course and allow to breathe naturally hence allowing the vapours to odorise and create the sweet smell of your…


Not sold for Human oral consumption.Do not swallow. Use in accordance with individual manufacturers bottle label instructions. We also have Aromas.Some  contain flamable liquids. Aromas and Video Head Cleaner are other names. Webmasters may link. Buy direct from Germany.