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Who uses Poppers? [en]

Gay guys and Lesbian girls, even the ancients used poppers! Romans probably had the strongest most potent and even though governed by laws allowed themselves simple pleasures in life and indulged freely in open sex  with out prohibitions and unrestricted by today’s modern standards of current day living. We are governed by society standards and rules and so could, and would argue that poppers usage is against law. Times have a changed and whilst we no longer hang people nor compete to the death in the gladiators ring, we do still use poppers even if the aromas are now a days pure and more chemically re-fined and have to conform to modern day standards and laws, Unlike cultures we are nowadays more ruled by society and our background.

You can buy aromas online or in your local sex shop as opposed to the local alchemist J  in pure strictly adhered to sizes and quantities. Brown glass bottles as opposed to glass ampoules. Strict guidelines in production and local laws allow us to be rigorously controlled by the powers that be. Its a pity we cant rewind and just see how the Romans for example lived their day to day lives and how much and how often poppers were used!

Got to ask how many other substances were around in basic or unrefined and some would argue more potent form, plus how many products have fallen by the wayside.

The sixties and seventies saw the biggest rise in usage especially in the gay community promiscuous sex and unprotected sex with enhancements allowing relaxation of the anus muscles and all muscles for that fact. How much of a headache do people get? Depends on personal makeup and interfering factors such as alcohol intake  and of course which brand names poppers you are subjecting yourself to or are subjected to by other. Some bottles say open and leave to breath like a fine wine. Others just snort directly into one nostril and the other several times. In summary its all down to personal preference and experience but one thing is for sure room odorises are here to stay  


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