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Christmas Give Away Poppers [en]

Not exactly give away but we do have free poppers sometimes with seasonal promotional. What we have at this time of year is a 30% discount on many poppers. Including Jungle juice, rush, Berlin, Amsterdam and some of the designer ones like the very strong poppers and the powerful pellet in a bottle types. As…

May 17th Ultra Strong Sale [en]

40% off for a full range of super strength poppers . All the leading names and its not on for long! Be quick and get yourself a super bargain. Cant say we don’t have a bargain, we try to accommodate all buyers to the shop providing not only all the new but also the old at…

Poppers outlet store [en]

We at the Poppers shop pride ourselves on diversity and range of aromas we have for sale online, we likewise assist other retail outlets and stores to develop and  is a like super store for bulk buying. Legendary Rush poppers on special trays of liquid gold for example plus variants of jungle juice, strong,…

What are poppers used for [en]

Or to be more precise what are poppers. Loosely translated as a chemical mix based on the nitrate /nitrite family. The change of ingredients over time due to Laws legislation and form filling from the powers that be. Having been around since the dawn of time all be it in a more crude formulae poppers…

Top Poppers Promo Products [en]

Here at popper shopper we promo brand names and new comers to the fore alike. We always have special prices deals and offers for the most important, the consumer. One such new comer is Fast the afore called Fist Strong .This baby has been re branded as Fast Strong with a new design and packaging…


Not sold for Human oral consumption.Do not swallow. Use in accordance with individual manufacturers bottle label instructions. We also have Aromas.Some  contain flamable liquids. Aromas and Video Head Cleaner are other names. Webmasters may link. Buy direct from Germany.