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Christmas Give Away Poppers [en]

Not exactly give away but we do have free poppers sometimes with seasonal promotional. What we have at this time of year is a 30% discount on many poppers. Including Jungle juice, rush, Berlin, Amsterdam and some of the designer ones like the very strong poppers and the powerful pellet in a bottle types.

Xmas Sale

As you can see we have not only poppers for sale but a range of underwear also, many other related bedroom style products also and with 30% off its a super bargain basement Christmas give away for the end of 2017. Normally we have seasonal theme with 15% off so don’t miss out on this festive release.

So when thinking about some under the sheets or no sheet at all don’t forget to get shopping online and buy some extras 🙂

Be sure to have a great Christmas and to all a Happy New Year 2018.




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