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Here at the poppers shop we are re organizing re evaluating and constantly evolving changing our stock in rotation and amounts. Products hit our shelves and then fly out of the windows to our valued customers. Those who stand still become stagnant and the newest theme is the VLOG. Video blogging. Blogs evolved from web logging a dairy , course of events be it daily or weekly ect. In essence its a new way of keeping your dairy.

Of course we are going to be using youtube a great way to get the word / news out there. People nowadays like images pictures as opposed to  hearing. We sit in front of TV’s more so but to be fair listen to radio online as well as in the drive to work. Planning to start a new news page set aside for our new VLOG’s so keep an eye on the Tube bulletins.

Mobile version is here : Poppers for sale mobile version

This way we can show as our video below briefly shows a part full stock of the poppers available direct order from the stock room store houses. Check it out and come back regularly to see what new comers attend the parties. This month March we have plenty of buy 2 and get one free. Available till end of March:

wax held aromas

Poppers Wax Based

Cant be fairer than that but watch this space for the new ranges via video 🙂




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