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Discount Coupon [en]

The best thing about a big store is having the ability to offer discounted or reduced or buying incentives to customers that can not be fond elsewhere. We at poppers shopper have today announced a 20% on an order placed during your next order which will be applied to your next order. Its a great way to shop and stay loyal whilst earning super market type points. Valid until MAY 17 2017.The coupon works by asking you to apply the code at the checkout shopping cart phase. Our new winter sale also adds value by offering a discount already on some high flyers. Rave Rush and Radikal currently have a buy two get one free promotion, plus mixing and matching some old and new aromas give the best way to get known poppers and also can showcase the new additions to the clan.

20% Voucher

Power is the theme this winter buying those poppers for sale gets the hits you guys and girls require. Five items for the price of four, three for two or perhaps up the anti by buying a toy and aromas combination? We are confident you will find something to please the pallet  or should we say the nasal passages 🙂


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