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Party Poppers [en]

We often get enquiries for Party Poppers as some folk get confused, whilst we sell poppers online they are not the party type. Bang is a poppers brand that one can buy from us ,but again not to be confused with the types that pop or bang and let off streamers. Our poppers although could be used at parties are for adults only and to be used to enhance the libido, relax the muscles and increase sexual desires. Aromas designed for adults at play. Although you could use both types of poppers at parties. Could be fun!

Room aromas are likewise an alternative search that we get into our mail boxes daily but these types of orders we can accommodate. Just arguably another name for poppers. Aromas are imagined to be scented, using poppers and reading the manufacturers instructions on some bottles, states: Open the bottle and allow to breathe. This process released the aroma in quantifiable amounts and be aware that some times room ventilation is required. Should not be used by persons with weak hearts for example as they increase blood pressure and heart rates. Party poppers also could shock and lead to heart issues but at least you know the bang and pop with paper streamers is coming!

Not our Poppers 🙂

Anyway perhaps we will stock both types in the future but for now we will only dispatch our poppers


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