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Online we try to have poppers for everyone, recognising that not everyone likes the same things in life. Purchasing poppers via the www and our store saves time money and allows you to get on with other things in life , such as going to work or shopping at the supermarket for food and by passing the corner shop which also most likely sells aromas but at increased price levels.

We stock small medium and large bottles of every known brand name on the market that we know of , Rush popper our leader and other lesser well known names like Iron Horse and Man Scent. The latter comes in medium and large formats. Power poppers for use by adults only and at 10.90 Euros including vat for the large version and 8.90 for the medium 15 ml bottle its quiet honestly a steal! A Euro cheaper say than Gold but with the same power pack punch. Definitely value for your spondoolies . So if you fancy a try before you buy then go for a poppers pack or just try the smaller bottle of poppers


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