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A potent punch and a kick to remember, jungle juice has a spread of variants on the shop floor. Extra strong and larger than average bottle sizes. Known for an alternative strength and effect on the end users. Always competitively priced poppers and seem to have been around for a life time which junglejuice probably has!

Power Punch

Power Punch

Latest hot off the press news is that new laws come and change and are re written and adjusted accordingly. We are referring here to the new proposed laws possibly incoming in the U.K. The path of the aroma or video head cleaner shows and tells the story. Recent articles on proposed new UK laws are in the process of review and we could see a change in direction. Laughing gas and “party” types may face an all right all out ban as could poppers, time will tell. In October 2014 no new decisions had been taken or made but in May2015 new hot the headlines that could see a quick law adjustment. Legal highs are on the hit list as are laughing gas and other legal highs such as salvia sold as a herbal ecstasy. The dangers with poppers are drops in blood pressure especially when combined with other blood pressure related items such as Viagra or say a user which also takes a heart related blood pressure reducing substance. Simple maths.
Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine escape even though addictiveness is far greater and undoubtedly will lead to more discussions.
Back to the latest brands of jungle juice: Platinum and / or plus. Room odorises and some would say “Strongest “on the market. We say a perfect mix of strength and price and content. Designed for long life than average ( If kept in a fridge ). Popular poppers that can give you the delivery required. Jungle juice has always had the “Wow” , well known for its specific power punch. Priced currently at 10.90 these poppers are sold at an above average price , about 10 %. There is a reason for this and the old adage that quality sells and customers are always happy to acquire products at a fair price


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