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Cruising Pack [en]

Cruising Poppers Pack

Cruising Poppers Pack

Get six for the price of four! The new cruising packs allow you to chose the right popper for the right moment. Super strong or subtle shallow feelings. The six pack has something for everyone including Rush Zero packages in its super cool black sexy bottle and its predecessor Rush 9 ml traditional yellow captain logos partner. For those wanting a super fast effect then we are giving two fast brand in this combo deal, accompanied by BDSM and Hardware we are sure you will agree this made up pack is a sure fast winner all round.
BDSM and poppers seem to go together well, all very popular with the top and bottom boys in the bondage world. Even masks and pipes allow direct effects to be had with immediate effects. Hardware poppers conjure up the image of the outdoor types and harder men.

Rush The Ultra Strong Brand

Rush The Ultra Strong Brand

This basket has the most popular and diverse range and all for the great price of 34.60 Euros (Normal price is more than 50 euros when totaled individually) including VAT and shipment (Discreetly of course).
Cruising a well known gay and more than likely straight pastime, known areas and secret places are where it all happens and if you are not prepared with your poppers for you or the person your meeting then as the old saying goes ;” Pre planning prevents poor performance”. So don’t risk it get online and shop in our store. Web internet acquisitions are always doing to win and as we have been i the market for decades then likewise don’t risk dodgy stock. Buy with confidence and rest assured that you get what is written on the time or in this case on your poppers bottle’s label 


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