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Virus Update [en]

Is there any problem with using poppers whilst in the pandemic we were questioned. Simply put , no. in fact we are delivering without any restrictions worldwide, the only thing customers have to take into account is the rate of exchange. Will only be a matter of time till a manufacturer brings in a Covid Aroma 🙂 .Wonder what colour that will be?

Got some great super deals going on in the poppers shop Discounted large purchases with rewards and some fabulous lower mixes when buying more than one type. The science boffins are busy getting us a vaccine and means to not catch the virus. We are always bringing in to store new arrivals but of course some departures. All down to market forces and economics say law of diminishing returns. When a flat scale typical economics curve is with time on one axis verses a value of happiness satisfaction achieved on a scale with price associated. The first bottle would be bought at say £10 and a happiness factor of  ten out of ten got but as time progresses and more bottles arrive the satisfaction comes down, the rush diminishes hence the law. In fact one could argue that as we pay full whack for the first product by the time we sniff or inhale the twentieth then the supplier should be paying us to take them away some could become very ill even sick.

Sticking with social distancing hard to do but a must presently. Hardly anyone on Grindr. Folk are scared and rightly so but the online and virtual world is booming. We are sure sales will increase as people buy more online. Its easier safer and quicker not to mention cheaper shopping via the web. So lets not get sick stay safe and play safe believing lots is going on behind closed doors as it just cant happen anywhere else. Bedroom antics indoors or outside are somewhat curtailed of late its possible to hook up via cams and streaming video channels , things have come along way since MIRC relay chatting!

Staying at home watching TV getting on to get off on the Personal Computer. Recon great BDSM outlet and always advertising poppers along side horny profiles. a magnitude of media available all day and night. Get sniffing, bating luring along alone or with they stay at home partner(s). Save some money we hope not as boredom leads to outlets getting busy stop and see what we have at desktop level. Currently 30% off until May 07th 2020  , Blue boy and the Amsterdam revolution plus the power pellet rush in its distinct black and dark red black labeling. They are premium lines so super save for the next week ish or just buy more 🙂

Mentioned Blue Boy :

Blue Boy Dark Room

Old style in today’s market a Limited edition and currently 4 Euros off for promo purposes. Leather cleaner in an aluminum container back to the 70’s with new improved updated mixes. Use with caution its extra strength hits with super punches. Designed and aimed at regular professional users its going to be a big hitter!





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