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Shop Convertion [en]

Time for a fresh update on the website and we have changed the shop to a more secure front end. Having a certificate for increased security and more customer protection. Clients will see the green lock symbol or similar depending on what browser they use.  So check out the new imagery , click through to the shopping cart and be sure to update your bookmarks.

New Shop Entrance

By viewing the site and moving onto purchases a new redirect will go through to a new security checked website with now even more stacks of checks and pre sales criteria that needs to be in place before any poppers leave our stock room bins. Trying to move with the times and stay ahead of the crazy people and still having taxes included plus the now regular pushes for new exciting lines set along side the regular punters  we are confident that we now have an even better shopping experience than before.

Some time will be needed for Beta testing and do let us know of any abnormalities / issues as there will be some unforeseen errors for sure due to human nature.

Hope you all find this a refreshing change and recognize the efforts made and have even more consumer confidence than before.


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