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Rush Christmas Gift Box [en]

New poppers from PWD from a well known iconic name and that is rush. This is a Christmas 2015 special presentation gift box. Contents include a traditional bottle of 10 ml Rush, in fact two! Plus the black sheep of the family , the new comer Rush Strong. Also 100 ml of silicone based lubricant and 100 l of water base lubricant. Did you also know Rush do condoms? We do and so included in the gift box are five condoms. Value for money or what!

Christmas Rush Presentation

Christmas Rush Presentation

Obviously the delivery will be in a form of a discreet brown color to hide the contents from prying and perhaps envious eyes, especially if this is a Christmas present. You will have to wrap it up mind but be assured when the receiver opens it they will be surprised at the presentation itself. A sleek black box showcasing the contents to the max!

Mega strong rush Poppers

Mega strong rush Poppers

Consider also the sideline product namely Rush Black which comes with the super strong pellet, known as Zero, stylish and having an ultra impact in more ways than one. The mega pellet lets you keep your poppers for longer and also gives you a stronger kick! Storage is important for all poppers and most know they are kept when not in use in cool dark surroundings, namely the kitchen fridge.


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