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Here every day of the week at the poppers shop we deliver with free shipping included in the purchase prices and VAT, this depends on where you reside, in which part of the world. What should be accounted for is the heat as if its hot outside there is a strong chance that the bottle contents expand and could vent, would be unusual to see an explosion as the bottle design is such as to prevent explosion but allow for expansion and therefore leakage. Of course, this would render your aromas redundant.

Super Sale in Store

We like free as does everyone but there is a saying that nothing is for free, we disagree as a compromise is the bog off Buy one get one free to expand upon that phrase. The store always has specials on the go, runs include new products additions and super bargains. Winter 2017 has seen 30% discounts and spring and summer will no doubt see bargains galore.

Popper shopper has been at the forefront for nearly a decade now for super sales not only to UK but worldwide! Its great news and even if April first is on the horizon it’s no April fool’s joke. Our intentions are to provide a great service and excellent product ranges for ever and a day. Our customers are loyal revising and reviewing with five stars all-round. Some think it’s a bank holiday but it not in any country. Where does it originate? not sure but the Roman festival of Hilaria could be its fore father. References can be found in Chacers Canterbury Tales. So don’t become a victim of the fool shout white rabbits three times when you first awaken so goes the thinking that no ill will fall upon you if your first words upon that day are “White Rabbits” times three!  There will also be some pranks like spaghetti growing from trees and being harvested! As was the case reported with complete seriousness when TV was just coming into people’s living rooms.

No hidden pranks will affect our customers we supply and ship every day of the year. Why not try something different like some of the new rush ranges black ultra strong or the platinum jungle juice always a sure winner with great effects . The choice is yours but with such a great spread of products set among some great super bargains you wont be staying on the site for seconds , more like minutes to decipher what choices you want to buy online. Don’t wait check out the in house in shop super bargains now!


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